Drum & Bass Mix #1 | Tick

About 25 years ago I was running the bar at the London College Of Fashion in Oxford Street. Obviously I was meant to be studying, but the bar was way more fun and it paid cash and offered free beer. One barmy summer evening I, on instruction, wandered down the stairs to unlock the service lift. We had an act booked that evening – they supposedly played something called ‘Jungle’. This was 1991 and I, like my punters and friends, had no idea what ‘JUNGLE’ was. We were all happily listening to that way cool album by the band called U2. Anyway, at the ground floor I was greeted by two massive men wheeling a serious looking trolly on which was a turntable, a mic and two building sized speakers. The speakers were so big we had to carry them up five flights of stairs, as they didn’t fit in the service lift. After around 2 hours of grunting, sweating and swearing, the kit was arranged and finally one of the massive men flicked a switch.

Moments later a noise filled the room that made the whole of Oxford Street lose the feeling in it’s legs. The bass made the whole of W1 vibrate, like a kinda Jungle H-bomb. It was incredible, I remember the glasses behind the bar literally falling off the shelves.

This was my first introduction to Jungle/Drum and Bass – and f**k was it good. Since then I have always wanted to have a punt at mixing it like those the two massive dudes that ‘earthquaked’ my world.

Today I’ve finally had a crack. And while it’s s**t in comparison to the work of those and many other proper D&B peoples, I’m like f**k it – I did something I have been wanting to do for 25+ years.

And that feels so good.

So, so good

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